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Marijke Verbeeke

Practice nurse for mental problems

In 2013 I completed the Social Pedagogical Assistance (SPH) training. During and after my education I worked in addiction care, psychiatry and shelter for the day and homeless. I have gained a lot of experience here. After this I did the POH-GGZ training and started working in a general practice. I do this work with great pleasure and dedication. Of course you learn a lot of useful things in the training, but I also take life experience with me. I sometimes also discuss this with patients because recognition and recognition can sometimes be healing. As a care provider I learn a lot from my patients and I hope the same is true the other way around. My goal is to provide people with a safe place where you can be yourself and be open about things you run into in life. I will then work with you to see what you need. These can be conversations at the practice, but sometimes also at another location. This is of course always in consultation with you and the doctor.

I am present on Tuesday.