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09 juli 2020

Care for transgender people by UGC Heyendael

At Heyendael University Health Center we increasingly offer support and care for trans people. Partly due to waiting times and lengthy procedures at Radboudumc’s Gender and Gender Expertise Center, we as GPs are called upon more often than before. One of the frequently asked questions concerns the request to provide medication prescriptions (hormones) or to monitor the medication with regular blood tests when ordering medication via the internet. In exceptional cases we can cooperate with this. Do you have a question about this guidance; make an appointment with Chantal Hensens or Renske Spanninga.  Naturally, we want to provide the best general medical care for patients and we understand the often fervent wishes of trans people. However, we believe that an intake interview should first take place with one of the two general practitioners mentioned above before we take on the follow-up checks. In this way we can implement them in a responsible manner. We would be happy to continue the conversation with you during the consultation hour.

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